• Experience and quality

    We provide services to fluvial and maritime ships and trailers, pursuing quality and the highest national and international standards.

  • More than just services

    We provide services sush as: trailer, entry, mooring and unmooring, scale movement, roadstead, and draft readings. Also the transportation of people, equipment and supplies to different ports of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe provinces.

  • Modern and complete fleet

    We have ships, technology and trained personnel ready to moor different size vessels.


Why should you choose us?


All our services are provided according to the highest national and international standards.


We are easily differentiated from the rest in our professional attention, equipments, hygiene standards, punctuality, security and agility.

Complete Service

We take care of the mooring and unmooring of ships, the transportation of the crewmembers, the supplies, spare parts and more.

Response time

We have a guard ready to solve our clients’ needs 24 hours a day.


We operate in more than 10 ports; our territory goes from Ramallo, Buenos Aires until Timbúes, Santa Fe.


We have a lot of experience in providing services to our clients, with a high-level of satisfaction.

Our Clients


Puerto Santa Fé
05 Oct

New port in Santa Fe Province

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After a forecast of an increase in the harvest, the oil company Renova said that they are going to...
05 Oct

Opening of the Panama Canal englargement

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The first activity of the Panamá Canal was the crossing of a Chinese Ship, which paid USD 586.000 on...
Barco ruso en Ramallo
05 Oct

Russian bank to invest in multi-purpose port in Ramallo

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The Russian bank Gazprombank with pay USD 180 million to build a multi-purpose port in Ramallo together with an...


services provided over the last year

This turn us into the main operator from the area.


ships of diverse characteristics

These allow us to offer a wide variety of services.


hour services

We have guard ready to solve our clients’ needs 24 hours a day.


transported people

Crewmembers, port authorities, mechanics and all those who need to be transported between the port and the ship.

Current Conditions

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