Barco ruso en Ramallo

Russian bank to invest in multi-purpose port in Ramallo

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The Russian bank Gazprombank with pay USD 180 million to build a multi-purpose port in Ramallo together with an Argentinean group PTC and Zaraimpex Company.  This will mean an economical movement of up to USD 40 million.

PTP’s president, Guillermo Masiano, said that ´the new port will be sited at kilometer 332 of Paraná-Paraguay Waterway. In its first stage, it will have a capacity to operate with 4 million tons’. What is more, he added that ‘the business plan contemplates an enlargement until the 8 million tons per year’.

This arrival of Gazprombank in the country will mean the entry of a strong player into the world financial system. As the bank is the third most important entity from Russia with assets of US$90.000 million.

‘Gazprom has a participation in one of Russia’s biggest companies, almost 60% of the industry of the country’, added Sergey Derkach, business representative of the Russian Federation in Argentina. The project of Ramallo will mean 500 new workstations. Its execution will begin next October, and it will be ending in the second quarter of 2018.